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Dance performace with Agostina d'Alessandro

Choreographer Agostina D'Alessandro works with Ba3 dance students to create the performance FASCINUM. The musical framework is provided by a drummer from the Jazz department. They will perform twice.



Fascinum, The English word 'fascinate' ultimately derives from Latin fascinum with means, 'to use the power of the fascinus', that is, 'to practice magic' and hence 'to enchant, bewitch', to be taken by a 'spell'.

The piece fascinum is an attempt to find back the power of transforming and to enter new dimensions through art. A trial to come back to be enchanted by dance and music in their most pure essence.

Concept & Direction: Agostina D’Alessandro
Dancers: Remi Busschaert, Manon Campion, Moena Chioua Lekhli, Emma Dieltiens, Jeran Entwistle, Elise Ghys, James Hall, Clara Hertling, Florence Lenon, Gaia Macaluso, Joshua Pinchon Jones, Sara Quadrado Teixeira, Maisie Woodford  
Live Music: Orlan Ghekiere (drums)
Lights: Rik Suijs