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Interactiv & The Immersive Cube

Interactiv & The Immersive Cube is an audiovisual experience with an emphasis on collaborative and participatory art. The audience takes part in the live performance and is immersed in a combination of visuals and music.

This project originated from the 'GrowingGifs' research project within Maxlab at the Royal Academy of Fine Arts Antwerp.

The event is the icing of the cake of a master class, where all results will be applied in an interactive way. The focus is on the Immersive Cube and on Olga Wroniewicz, motion designer of the Polish-Japanese Academy of Information Technology (PL).


• Live collaboration drawing performances: Wouter Steel & Royal Academy Master Students
• Projection Designs: Janna Beck, Olga Wrienowics & Lab101
• Sonic Battle & experimental live jam: D-STRUCTURE* vs. Corrupted feat. DJ THONG