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Time is a Book (is Time) - Masterclass by Els Dietvorst and guests

In October 2019, the Royal Academy of Fine Arts in Antwerp hosted a symposium organised by Els Dietvorst & Dirk Braeckman under the title ‘Time is a Book (is Time)’. Taken aback by the socio-economic and ecological challenges of our times, Els Dietvorst & Dirk Braeckman called for a “revolution of everyday life”: a revaluation not so much of art’s role, but of its potential in our society.

In order to distinguish itself from similar think-tanks and symposiums, the ongoing project ‘Time is a Book (is Time)’ would hence need to embrace a more direct approach, one that is directed from the arts to society—of which it doesn’t put itself at the service, but to which it may contribute different approaches to things.

To make this happen, ‘Time is a Book (is Time)’ believes that it needs to reorganise itself and become a self-sustaining movement. As of March 2020, it aims to launch several ‘do weeks’, during which participants will be invited to centre around different approaches and work out practical ideas to contribute to society. It insists on working around one central theme or approach a day, from the approach suggested by Anna Rispoli & Christophe Meierhans, over the situationist approach by Raoul Vaneigem a.o., to the practical tools suggested by Extinction Rebellion and the humble “revolution a day” practiced by the small Human movements.

The first edition 'Engagement ia a choice' will take place from 10 till 13 March at the M HKA, Antwerp, and includes a trip to Brussels.
This edition will also plug into the solo-exhibition of Els Dietvorst, ‘*Dooltocht/A desperate quest to find a base for hope’ at the M HKA.

The detailed programme of this masterclass you find on