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The Academy has four campuses, all within the centre of Antwerp. All theory courses take place on the main campus, at Mutsaardstraat 31 (how to get there).

The Theatre Costume Programme offers a spacious studio where the first and second year bachelor students work on design assingments and actual 3D executions of costumes. One floor up we have a painting and plaster studio, where students work with fabric, make masks, work with latex, and dye textile. We have a mini blackbox, where scenography scale models or costumes can be exposed to professional theatre lighting.

There is a separate studio for third year bachelors and master students in the Bourla building. We also have our own stock of fabrics and clothing, available for students to use.

Apart from the studios and lecture rooms, the Academy offers a variety of unique spaces.

Lange Zaal
As the name suggests, the Lange Zaal is a monumental, long exhibition space (900m²) that is part of the Academy.
To De Lange Zaal

At the center of the Academy you'll find the Wintertuin. This is where students presents their projects, researchers share the progress of their artistic research, and the results of bachelor and master projects are presented.
To De Wintertuin

Academy Library
In the library of the Academy you'll find specialised literature related to the different programmes at the Academy.
To the Library


    Student Support Services

    Students that need help can contact the student support officer Sofie Hiels ( She will help any student with the following:

    Support for students with disabilities
    Students with disabilities (eg. learning difficulties, dyslexia, ADD, autism, mobility limitation, chronic illness) can request special academic facility. The application should be completed between August 15 and October 15.

    Student counselling
    If you have doubts about your study method, if your study planning doesn't work out or if you experience other difficulties that prevent you from studying well you can contact the student support coordinator. She can help you with your study planning and advise you about good studying methods.

    If you have doubts about your study choice, our student support coordinator can advise you about other possibilities.

    Personal Troubles
    Students that are not feeling well or that are having personal troubles can consult the student support officer Sofie Hiels ( If necessary, she can refer you to the school's own professional help staff, or to help outside the Academy.

    The AP student support services regularly host trainings related to fear of failure, being assertive, mindfulness, applying for a job etc.

    Your ombuds is Dani Magnus (

    If you have complaints about the official education or examination regulation or if you have experienced an unfair act/situation with a fellow student or a staff member, you first try to discuss this with the person(s) involved. If this doesn't work out, you can contact our ombuds. She will handle your complaint and mediate between parties involved.

    Language Support
    Students that are experiencing some issues with their language skills can consult a language coach. You can also consult the central language coordinator of AP.

    • Is writing a text hard?
    • Did you have a bad score on a language screening test?
    • Do you have doubts about the content of an evaluation?
    • Do you have trouble building a logical flow in your own texts?
    • Do you get remarks about your grammar or spelling? Or do you have trouble with verbs?
    • Do you use too much speaking language in written assignments?
    • Does the language you use not sound professional or academic enough?
    • Do you need help summarising a syllabus or reading scientific texts?

    Please contact (T. 03 220 57 76). You will be advised on any of these issues, individually or in small groups.


    ICT and E-mail

    Students and teachers can use the computers in the multimedia room and the library. All computers have internet access. Students and teachers have the possibility to purchase laptops and software at a cheaper rate, through the AP Hogeschool. The WiFi netwerk of the AP Hogeschool is available throughout the campuses.

    Students and teachers have access to a number of digital platforms via

    • E-campus: the possiblity to log onto the AP netwerk from home, with access to the available software
    • Digitap: the electronic learning environment where content relevant to your courses is posted, as well as practical info
    • Myarts: schedules and reservation of a room on campus
    • Webmail: all students and teachers have an AP e-mail address, which they can access through this link
    • iBamaflex: students can consult their personal student file here, sign their study contract, check their ECTS points balance, compose their programme, check exam results,...
    • Library and databases: info on the use of the AP libraries and access to digital databases
    • ICTpedia: manual and articles on the use of the ICT facilities within AP



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