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Conservatoire laureates at 8th edition Arts in Society Award

For the 8th edition of the Arts in Society Award, a number of proposals from the Royal Conservatoire Antwerp were selected by an independent jury. Students Richard He and Simone Nguyen and alumni Isaak Duerinck and Juicy Ijsselmuiden will be given the unique opportunity to realize their project within the framework of the prize.

Laureates of the Antwerp Conservatoire

  • Universal languages, supported by J.S.Bach - Simone Nguyen ism Cinemaximilian
    Universal Languages is a study in which 6 performers, together with newcomers, make classical music accessible through movement, without words. The music of J.S.Bach will be the gateway for a collective visual expression of the participants on stage. The question that poses the challenge here: How to translate baroque patterns into sign language?
  • Shelter - Isaak Duerinck i.c.w. Refuge - Opvanghuis Brussels
    The Refuge/Reception House in Brussels accommodates LGBTQI+ youngsters who are not welcome at home because of their sexuality and/or gender identity. Together with some master students of the conservatoire, music theatre creator Isaak Duerinck enters into a conversation with them. Through music and words, they search for their own voice in this mutual exchange. Love knows no gender!
  • Waardeloos goed - Juicy Ijsselmuiden ism vzw Wang, vzw Recht-op, Stedelijk Onderwijs Academie Deurne, Stedelijk Lyceum De Waterbaan and Samenwerkingsopbouw Buurtwerk Dinamo
    Members of vzw Recht-op, students of Stedelijk Lyceum De Waterbaan and local residents of Buurtwerk Dinamo meet in an artistic experiment. Each target group investigates in an authentic way (via text or image or three-dimensional form) things that have no value and is guided to create a personal, artistic answer. Through exchange and encounter, the target groups build on each other's work, which together creates the exhibition "Worthless Goods".
  • The search of silence - Richard R. He, Noriko Yakushiji, Sjors van der Mark in collaboration with Kwadraat and Blikfabriek
    An interdisciplinary theatre and music performance about the effect of a traumatic experience on the human individual. The performance is also a conversation about vulnerability with the audience.

    Richard He developed this project within the framework of the course 'Creative Project'. The course aims to sharpen the entrepreneurial skills of the students in the Master of Music programme. The choice of material, the planning, and organization of the rehearsal process and the performance, as well as the communication to their target audience are all in the hands of the students. As a result, more than 30 unique performances were created. Click here for a complete overview.

Arts in Society Award

The Arts in Society Award project call encourages young artists in various disciplines to develop a participatory art project that responds to a social challenge. All projects submitted are evaluated by an independent jury and may or may not be rewarded with financial support. For this eighth edition, the committee selected 12 art projects from different disciplines.