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After the recent cyber attack (September 30th) our IT-team, closely assisted by external experts, are slowly restarting more and more systems. This is still being done with the necessary caution. Fortunately, the first tests show a positive outcome, so we are hopeful that we’ll be fully operational soon. Below, you’ll find all available details on the latest developments.

Update: 14.10.2020 - 17u

What’s the current situation?  

  • Restart software: We are rebooting the administrative systems one by one under strict supervision and safe conditions. So, there’s no need to worry: systems that have been enabled again are completely ready and safe for use.    
  • Wifi: Our on campus AP wifi network is also available again (except on campus deSingel: here you can keep using the deSingel wifi network for the time being). You’ll need to log in again. Afterwards the wifi network can be accessed safely and fully.   
  • Telephones: All telephone lines are accessible again. You can call to and from landlines again on campus.  
  • Catering: The student restaurants on campus NOO, ELL and KCA reopen on Monday October 19th. The student resto on campus MEI remains closed a little while longer. 

What about next week’s classes?

Previously communicated teaching agreements remain valid next week - and as yet, up to and including October 23rd, 2020.

Why? We must make sure that all on campus AP-devices have been rebooted, checked and given the all-clear, before we can get everyone back on campus again.  

What about the deadline for enrolment and other administrative deadlines?  

Due to this force majeure situation, the decision has been made to extend some deadlines for enrolments and applications in the 2020-2021 Education and Examination Regulations. This allows you enough time to fix your enrolment or application, once our administrative systems are fully operational again. This is the case for the following:  

  • The deadline to enrol for this academic year (2020-2021) has been set for November 16th, 2020 (for study programmes at our Schools of Arts).
  • The deadline to apply for exemptions, for admission to enrol for a specific individual path, or for a change to the contents of the enrolment agreement which among others relates to courses in the first semester, has been set for October 31st, 2020 (unchanged)
  • The final date to request a possible catch-up exam on account of a religious holiday has been set for October 31st, 2020 (unchanged)

More information can be found on the intranet under the according enrolment or application topics.

I want to adjust or complete my (re)registration, is that possible? 

Was your re-registration not yet completed or do you want to make changes? Then quickly send an email to the student secretariat of your department or School of Arts. Please note that this situation means that the secretariats have a lot of questions to deal with and you may have to wait for an answer. Thank you in advance for your understanding. You can find the appropriate email addresses here: 
Royal Conservatoire Antwerp: 
Royal Academy of Fine Arts Antwerp:

What can I do?  

  • Change your password. This is standard procedure after a cyber attack: out of precaution all AP-network users must set a new password via Were you using the same password for private affairs? Then it’s best to change those passwords as well and avoid multiple use of the same password in the future.
  • Always be cautious when you receive emails, links or attachments. Extra security checks have been installed. For example, don’t be alarmed when you get the pop-up below in your outlook inbox. This warning reminds you to be extra careful and critical when you receive / open external emails.

I want to know more, where can I find information?

We understand that you have questions and concerns about this attack. As always, we keep you informed of the latest state of affairs and consequences you may experience, via email, Digitap and the intranet. We try our best to give enough context, but details about the nature of the attack cannot be released, since there is still an ongoing judicial investigation.  

Are my personal data safe? 

Currently, there is no information about a possible data breach. As always, AP Hogeschool takes its responsibility to protect personal data to the utmost extent. Furthermore, due to the quick response of our ICT-crew, we have managed to keep the impact of the cyber attack very limited. The investigation and technical analysis are still ongoing. Should this indicate that there could have been a potential data breach somewhere, this will be examined very thoroughly and handled accurately according to the privacy law. More information can be found on our intranet.  

Is it safe to teach/follow classes online from home? 

Thanks to the swift reaction of the IT department the attack only affected our  administrative systems. AP’s digital teaching environment (Digitap, Panopto, Teams, …) is safe to use online from home. The administrative systems, e-campus and the AP network have been disabled, and remain unavailable for the time being.  

Do you have further questions about your classes next week, or how to organise your work activities? Please contact your teacher (if you’re a student) or your superior (for employees). Keep an eye on your mailbox, intranet and digitap for the latest updates.  

Is the administration open?

At the moment the secretariat is operational for a limited time, only via email. The same is true for the study programme guidance and exemption modules. All administrative computer programmes have been closed.

Is it still safe to work online from home? 

  • We want to assure you: the attack is limited to a few AP-systems.  
  • Of course, it’s important to remain cautious, but for now there is no risk when you work or follow classes online from home.  
  • Systems that pose a safety risk have been disconnected. For instance: E-campus and all administrative systems (iBamaflex, …) are currently unavailable.  
  • Teams, Digitap, Panopto and email do work. However, please do not open an attachment in your AP mail.

I did not receive my student card yet, is that possible? 

Due to this situation, it may indeed be that you have not yet received your student card. We will fix it as soon as possible! 

When will I receive my diploma? 

First and foremost: congratulations on your graduation! Have you not yet received your diploma or certificate? Then it may be delayed due to the circumstances. You can also contact the secretariat of your department by email.. 

I cannot find certain information on the student intranet platform, is that possible? 

On the student intranet platform, you currently only see the information that has been generally shared across AP Hogeschool. Specific information for your department or study are temporarily not visible. So it is indeed possible that you cannot find certain information. Do you have an urgent question? Then it is best to send an email to the relevant department or teacher. 

Need IT-help?

Do you experience problems taking digital lessons at home? Then you can contact the helpdesk of the campus concerned. The email addresses and telephone numbers per campus can be found on ICT-Pedia.


Specific question(s) about a course unit? Contact your teacher.  
General question(s) about your study programme? Send an email to your Head of Programme. 
General question(s) about your enrolment? Contact your departmental secretariat.