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FAQ covid-19 - Conservatoire

LAST UPDATE on 8 September 2021 | This page always contains the latest measures and answers to frequently asked questions. 


❗ Download an overview of all corona measures


For general information about the coronavirus COVID-19 and the official government guidelines, please visit www.info-coronavirus.be.
Do you still have other prevention-related questions? 

  • Mail: coronatracing@ap.be
  • Call the AP infoline: +32 3 220 59 99 (on working days from 9 a.m. to 4 p.m.).

We will do our utmost to answer individual questions (via e-mail, telephone, social media ...) as quickly as possible. Thank you for your patience and understanding.



You can find all information about prevention, contact tracing, (possible) infections, travelling to and from Belgium, etc. on the intranet.



  • Wear a mouth mask when circulating (in corridors, halls and classrooms). They may only be removed if you are seated and can keep a distance of one and a half meters or leave one chair between you.
  • The Club Conservatorium reopens and follows the rules of the catering industry: you must wear a mouth mask when circulating. If you sit down to eat, you do not have to. 

For Artistic Practice:

  • Wear a mouth mask when entering and leaving the auditorium
  • Disinfect hands before and after the event.
  • Mouth masks are not compulsory during the activity. However, always try to keep a sufficient distance.
  • For Classical Music, singing and brass and woodwind instruments: always keep at least 1,5 meters distance.
  • As part of the risk management strategy, the prevention department is organizing bi-weekly test moments on campus for students and teachers.

For public activities:

  • We allow a maximum of 200 spectators.
  • Registration in advance is mandatory for contact tracing. An attendance check is always carried out before entering the auditorium.
  • Mouth masks are obliged in the hallways and during circulation. When the audience is seated, the masks can go off.
  • The prevention department must be informed of public activity via preventie@ap.be



  • Stay at home if you feel ill. 
  • Keep enough distance (min. 1.5 meters) inside and outside the campus.
  • Wear your mouth mask everywhere on and around campus, unless you are sitting down and can keep a sufficient distance.
  • No physical contact (holding hands, kissing, cuddling, touching ...)
  • Wash your hands regularly and thoroughly with soap and water.
  • Freshen the air, open windows and doors now and then.
  • Use the disinfectant hand gel, which is available in several places.
  • Sneeze or cough into a paper handkerchief and throw it away immediately in a closed waste bin.
  • No paper handkerchief? Then sneeze or cough into the inside of your elbow.
  • Regularly disinfect your own workplace and the common material on the campus with the provided disinfection material.


Do not come to the campus: 

  • If you have tested positive 
  • if you have been tested and are waiting for your results 
  • if you have symptoms 
  • if you came into contact with an infected or potentially infected person

Stay at home, notify coronatracing@ap.be and fill in the form on intranet students or intranet staff.

  • Are you member of staff? Please notify Jodka Crabbe as well.
  • Are you a student? Please notify your teacher as well.


Did you test positive?

  • Then the whole group goes into quarantine.
  • All high-risk contacts must be tested, even if they have been fully vaccinated. 
  • The quarantine can only be lifted after a first negative test result. 
  • Those who refuse to be tested must respect the full ten-day quarantine period. 

If several people from the same group test positive and if a breakthrough infection is detected (vaccinated person who tests positive), everyone must observe a full 7-day quarantine, including those who have already been fully vaccinated and those who already have a first negative test result.

Staff members who are absent due to illness, testing or quarantine should email their absence to jodka.crabbe@ap.be and report their absence to their manager.
Students report their absence via conservatorium@ap.be with in CC the programme head/coordinator/teacher. The student can upload the doctor's certificate in IBamaflex.



  • Always follow the guidelines issued by the Belgian Governement
  • All students/staff travelling to Belgium must complete the Public Health Passenger Locator Form, in the 48 hours prior to your arrival in Belgium.
  •  If you receive a text message from the government after submitting your PLF, you are required to be tested and quarantined. You may only attend the Conservatoire after a second negative test at the end of the quarantine. Find out where you can be tested in the downloadable document at the top of the page. 
  • If necessary, report your absence to your head of the programme (student) or superior (staff member). Do you have a certificate of compulsory quarantine / test / absence? If so, please send it along immediately and contact coronatracing@ap.be. Suitable arrangements will be then made.
  • Students/staff from other countries who do not have residency in Belgium and who commute between home and school are only exempt from quarantine in the context of work or study-related activities, as these are essential movements. The quarantine exemption does not apply to social activities outside of school.



Do you live outside Belgium and do you commute for your study or teaching assignment? 
Trips for work- and study-related activities are considered essential trips. You are therefore exempt from the quarantine rules for these trips. This means that you do not have to go into quarantine if you are only coming to Antwerp to study. If you also take part in social or other non-study-related activities, the exemption does not apply and you may still have to follow the quarantine rules. 

Are you coming to Belgium for a longer period of time? 
Then we ask you to follow the measures of the travel advice and the testing and quarantine rules of the Belgian government. 
If necessary, report your absence to your head of programme (student) or superior (staff member). Do you have a certificate of mandatory quarantine / test / absence? If so, please send it along immediately and contact coronatracing@ap.be. Suitable arrangements will be then made.