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Screening of the job market Collaborative Piano / Studienleiter

The School of Arts Royal Conservatoire of Antwerp of the Artesis Plantijn University College Antwerp proceeds to a screening of the job market for a teaching assignment Collaborative Piano / Studienleiter

1.   Screening of the job market

At the Royal Conservatoire of Antwerp of the Artesis Plantijn University College Antwerpen organizes a screening of the job marker because there is a possibility of employment, for a teaching assignment Collaborative Piano / Studienleiter. 

2.   Qualified persons

Staff members of the Royal Conservatoire - Artesis Plantijn University College Antwerpen as well as external persons.

3.   Job description 

  • The main task is to guide creative musicians through individual and group orientated classes, conducting rehearsals, coaching pedagogical projects, artistic research etc.
  • responsible (coaching and supervision) for and assignment of piano students to all KCA projects in consultation with the coordinators of the key-board and vocal department, voice and piano professors and the production team.
  • responsible for the learning content that relates to collaborative piano
  • head of musical preparation/study/rehearsal for the projects of the vocal department
  • piano accompaniment in the lessons "acting" and "introduction to opera" and coaching the students / pianists who are assigned for this course
  • coaching and preparation of the voice students for these lessons
  • accompaniment in the voice classes
  • coaching repertoire

4.   Profile

  • an artistic personality, active as a pianist on international stages (as lieder accompanist, chamber musician, accompaniment of orchestra instruments, repetitor for oratorio, opera, ballet, playing with a conductor) in recognized institutions, on established venues and for international concert organizers
  • lives and works in Belgium
  • has close relations to the Belgian music network
  • combines artistic and pedagogical talent and experience
  • is willing to cooperate with colleagues in the framework of a pedagogical project 
  • is loyal to the Royal Conservatoire of Antwerp and AP University College Antwerp
  • shows great enthusiasm which he is able to transmit to the students
  • gives the students enough room for personal development and knows how to motivate them
  • is flexible and committed
  • has experience with or is interested in interdisciplinary project work
  • is prepared to deepen the personal artistic practice through academic research and to stimulate artistic research among the students
  • can submit good artistic and pedagogical references
  • has a work permit for Belgium.

5.   Procedure

Phase 1 – send in your file:
A first selection is made on the basis of the file submitted. This file needs to contain the following:
-letter of motivation and curriculum vitae
-references (with coordinates/contact info)
-a personal writing on your vision on the artistic-pedagogic project.

Phase 2 – first selection based on file:
A first selection by the Artistic board of the Music department takes place based on the file: the artistic board can decide to involve experts to make this selection.

Phase 3 – screening test  
Selected candidates are invited to participate in a series of screening tests. These will be evaluated by a screening commission with internal and external experts: 

  • a public lesson with 2 students of different level and in different repertoire (30’)
  • a recital (30’): 
  1. One standard piano solo piece
  2. One sight reading with an instrumental/vocal student
  3. One opera or instrument coaching/accompaniment
  • an interview 

The following elements will be considered for the ranking of the candidates by the commission:

  • the file submitted
  • the public lesson
  • the recital
  • the interview
  • the pedagogical achievements
  • the artistic personality

The screening commission writes a motivated report on the result of the screening and this contains the ranking of the candidates.

Phase 4 – possible employment:
On the basis of the results of this screening, the artistic board will investigate the possibilities for a possible employment and will conduct the necessary dialogues in that regard. If this results in an employment it will be with a fee as guest lecturer. The volume of this contract (amount of employment) will be calculated based on the number of students so also the pay will be calculated depending on the effective number of students.  

6.   Practical information

Interested persons are requested to submit a file. This should contain:

  • a written and motivated application with curriculum vitae;
  • references (with coordinates/contact info); 
  • a short exposé on the personal view on the artistic-pedagogical project.

The file should be sent by mail to before the 12th of July 23:59h.

Additional information is available with Inge Simoens, Head of Classical Music, +32 473 86 22 02.

More info on the Music department can be found here

You can find the screening regulations (in Dutch) on this webpage.