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Shelf talks: diversity on the book shelf

Our frame of reference is important in the way we think and in the way artists create. In the second shelf project, the diversity of (art) books in the library of the Academy will be investigated and this framework will be expanded. Heide Hinrichs, who started the project, ensures that the books of the 'second shelf' are integrated with a special code in the Academy's collection. This way you can follow this invisible thematic series.

In addition to expanding the collection to non-white, non-male and non-heterosexual artists, interventions in the library are carried out within the research project and the lecture series 'shelf talks' is also organized.
On October 16, Anne Bielig and Min Park will discuss their work 'Four Eyes Edit'. They present the work of Marthe Donas, a Belgian abstract painter and alumna of the Royal Academy. On October 23, historian Elizabeth Haines (University of Bristol) invites us to think about libraries in terms of public space, environment and behavior. For shelf talk # 3 on December 4, Marina Coelho will discuss a selection of newly purchased books. The theme is the practice of female artists in the repressive environment of South American military dictatorships during the 1950s to 1980s. Jo-ey Tang is curator of the Beeler Gallery at the Columbus College of Art & Design and initiator of the second shelf mirror site at CCAD's Packard Library. He speaks on December 19 (shelf talk # 4) about the concept of "slow programming" and the New York queer artist collective "fierce pussy".

The book selection, interventions and interviews are made in collaboration with partners in Berlin, Bristol, Columbus, Ohio and Vancouver, BC. Check out the second shelf website for all news. 
All shelf talks take place in the library of the Royal Academy and are accessible free of charge. The places are limited, so come on time!