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Three new Track Report publications

The researchers at the Academy don't slow down. In two weeks time, three Track Report publications will be launched. Bence Rohanszky wrote DELETE Elite. Poetical Tendencies In Graffiti Art, a book about contemporary urban art. He speaks about different styles and their concepts in a theoretical context and presents elementary notions of conceptual graffiti that are alternated with documentation and interviews.

From 21st of April the exhibition 'WORKFLOW. A play with apes and crafts' is on display at Zwijgershoek Exhibition Hall in Sint-Niklaas. This group exhibition is accompanied by the book of the same name by Wim Wauman, curator of the exhibition. The doctoral researcher and visual artist combines the term 'craftsmanship' with his nostalgic connotation. There is a critical reference to mass consumption, standardization, counterfeiting and our social vision on this. The exhibition presents a playful, idiosyncratic story with references to older science fiction films, academic literature, current social issues and (human) monkeys.

Finally, on May 2nd, Met open lege handen is presented, a book in which Assia Bert combines the words of theater legend Dora van der Groen with Bhagwan Shree Rajneesh and Herman Teirlinck, both of whom were teachers to Dora. During the lecture performance, the researcher, who is associated with the Conservatoire, brings the stories, conversations and books from Dora's shelf on stage and gives the actress, pedagogue and director a symbolic place on art campus deSingel.

Track Report is the paper presentation space of the research projects at the Academy.