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Diploma conditions

  • Diploma conditions

    The general admission requirement to enrol in a bachelor programme is that the candidate-student must hold one of the following:

    • a secondary education diploma from the Flemish Community;
    • a higher education diploma short cycle with complete curriculum;
    • a diploma from social promotion higher education from the Flemish Community, except certificates of Pedagogical Aptitude;
    • a Higher Vocational Education diploma or certificate from the Flemish Community;
    • any study certificate recognised as equivalent to one of the abovementioned diplomas, pursuant to any legal norm, European guideline or any other international agreement.

    These include, amongst others, the study certificates below:

    Foreign study certificates

    • a European ‘Baccalaureate diploma’ from one of the European schools in Belgium or abroad;
    • an International Baccalaureate Diploma from the International Baccalaureate Office in Geneva, Switzerland;
    • a Luxembourgish ‘diplôme de fin d’études secondaires’ or ‘diplôme de fin d’études secondaires techniques’;
    • a Dutch or Surinamese ‘VWO’ diploma (‘Voorbereidend Wetenschappelijk Onderwijs’);
    • a Dutch propaedeutic diploma (‘Getuigschrift van met goed gevolg afgelegd propedeutisch examen’);
    • a Dutch higher vocational education final diploma with complete curriculum;
      Please note that the Dutch degrees MBO4 and HAVO are not sufficient to enrol in an academic bachelor at the Academy!
    • a French Baccalaureate diploma with a minimum grade of 10/20;
    • a German ‘Abitur’ diploma (‘Allgemeine Hochschulreife/Abitur’);
    • a British “General Certificate of Education” indicating 3 A-levels with grade A*, A, B or C
    • an American High School Diploma with a record of transcript  (list op points) which states at least 4 advanced placements (APs);
    • a diploma issued by NATO’s SHAPE School;
    • a foreign diploma declared equivalent by NARIC Flanders with one of the Flemish study certificates that are included under the general admission requirements;
    • a diploma with a certificate that declares that, with this diploma, the student is admitted to academic studies in the country in which this diploma was issued, if this country has ratified the Lisbon Recognition Convention (LRC);
    • any bachelor’s diploma from an accredited institution from the ENIC-NARIC network;
    • any master’s diploma from an accredited institution from the ENIC-NARIC network.

    If you have obtained a diploma or certificate in a country outside the European Union, not mentioned in the list above, the admissions committee may give you permission to enrol for a bachelor programme if your diploma gives access to a bachelor’s programme in that country, comparable to a Flemisch bachelor programme.

    The application must contain the following documents:
    •    a completed application form
    •    a certified copy of the diploma concerned
    •    a certified Dutch translation issued by a sworn translator, unless originally in English, French, or German; 
    •    a declaration from the embassy or consulate of the candidate’s country stating that with this diploma, they are admitted to a bachelor programme in the country where they obtained the diploma, unless the diploma itself contains such declaration.

    ->The Candidate-students must file the application to the student administration office from the School of Arts at the latest on the 15th of October. 

    E-mail address: Student Center (enrolment@ap.be)


    For specific questions about the admission requirements or your diploma, please contact the student administration office (see email adress above)


    For more detailed information concerning the conditions of admission, please read our Education and Examination Regulations 2020-2021.

    APS screening for Chinese candidate students

    Candidate students with a Chinese diploma need to obtain a certificate from the Center for Academic Assessment (APS) in Beijing, when applying at a Flemish higher education institution. The APS certificate is also required for obtaining a student visa at the Belgian Embassy or Consulates General in PR China.

    The APS screening is not an academic selection procedure, but is meant to avoid document fraud and to guarantee a sufficient language knowledge.

    In order to start up the procedure, contact the APS administration: info@aps.org.cn.
    More information about the APS procedure is available on www.aps.org.cn.