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External projects

The Schools of Arts also conduct externally funded research, often in collaboration with local or international cultural or educational partners. These research initiatives are part of programmes of city or European governments (including Erasmus+, Creative Europe, VLIR, among others).

Resilience in Resonance

2021 - 2022
coordinated by dr. Luc Nijs (Royal Conservatoire Antwerp)

In this small-scale project, the Royal Conservatoire Antwerp will deploy easily accessible instrument teaching (clarinet) in order to help children at risk finding their voice, sharing their experiences, and building resilience through musical expression.
Supported by Creative Europe Culture Cooperation Projects
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2019 - 2022
coordinated by Kristof Timmerman and Janna Beck (MAXlab - Royal Academy of Fine Arts Antwerp)

'Z-Elements' is a strongly interdisciplinary project. The objective is to develop artistic experiences and exchanges to explore how traditional and analogue artistic expressions can involve and attract a younger audience from Generation Z, and how young people can contribute to the development of such subsectors through co-creative processes towards the development of Digital Transmedia Storytelling products.
Supported by Creative Europe Culture Cooperation Projects
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TIME LABS – VLIR-UOS South Initiative

2019 - 2021
coordinated by Bert Danckaert (Royal Academy of Fine Arts Antwerp)

This South Initiative project started from a collaboration between ISA, Universidad de las Artes (Art Academy in Havana) and the Royal Academy of Fine Arts in Antwerp and focusses on the development of the Cuba Photography Missions (social-documentary photography projects related to tangible and intangible heritage researched in healthcare, education, urbanization, ...) and on the collaboration between Cuban and Belgian photographers in which students are involved.
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