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All participants will be assigned a personal coach. The driving force and main teacher of the training is Bob Selderslaghs.

Bob studied drama at the Royal Conservatory of Antwerp, obtained his teacher's diploma, taught in various educational contexts and has been immersing himself in Mantle of the Expert for several years as a researcher and teacher, through the research projects 'The artistic added value of drama as a teaching tool in primary education', 'ART4DEM' and the doctoral research 'MoE 2.0: from imaginative research to artistic product in art education'. 

In 2018, he co-wrote 'Mantle of the Expert with Tim Taylor. A Beginner's Guide. Drama as a teaching tool in primary education' (Garant) and in 2020 he published 'The ABC of Mantle of the Expert. Inspirational Guide for Every Drama Teacher' (Booklyn).

The Postgraduate will also call on some (inter)national guest lecturers for lectures and/or workshops.