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Private Eden op Art Brussels

Alexey Shlyk, photography master student, Ben Van den Berghe and Edi Danartono will be presenting Private Eden in the VIP lounge of Art Brussels.

Private Eden is a multi-media installation that was inspired by the life and work of Edward James (1917–1984), an eccentric British collector and philanthropist of many artists from the surrealist movement and a self-described “surrealist by birth”. In 1947, while living in semi-exile, James acquired a coffee plantation in a subtropical rainforest in the mountains of Mexico and transformed it into Las Pozas: a home for exotic animals with thousands of orchids, waterfalls, pools and concrete structures spreading out over more than 40 ha of lush tropical jungle.

Intrigued by Edward James’ surrealist Xanadu, the artists explore the desire to escape reality into a constructed paradise.

Private Eden Poster