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Jewellery design & gold- and silversmithing

About the specialization: The human need to adorn, whereby jewels and objects are the main means of identification and expression, is universal and timeless. Jewels and portable objects tell a story about status, style and culture of the wearer.

At the same time, they are a witness of social, cultural and technological developments. That's why jewellery design is such an exciting and versatile profession that, although based on a rich tradition of craftsmanship, is constantly changing.

The specialization Jewellery Design & Silversmithing includes an academic Bachelor's and Master's degree program. The curriculum maintains a healthy balance between artistic studio practice, specific and general supporting theory courses and drawing to support you in the development of your personal artistic practice.
A team of experienced and professional artists and designers will accompany you. Our focus is on the development of your individual talent and creativity through research, concept development and self-reflection.

Of course, we pay extensive attention to the technical skills and practical insights needed for the metier. Technology and expertise of various metals and materials, gemstones, jewellery history and 3D-computerdrawing make this training an exciting exploration, where curiosity and imagination are constantly stimulated.

Study visits, workshops, projects, lectures and guidance by (international) guest lecturers, with their specific background and practical experience, play an important role in this programme.