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Graphic design

Graphic design is so intertwined with the world around us that we often no longer see that just about everything in our surroundings was designed by someone. This makes Graphic Design a very versatile practice, primarily concerned with the transmission, organisation and communication of (visual and textual) language.

The Graphic Design programme of the Royal Academy of Fine Arts Antwerp provides an in-depth knowledge of the different ways in which we can communicate through visible language. The department is structured around the teaching of six basic subjects fundamental to a graphic design practice: editing, image, interaction, typography, drawing and theory. The learning process is both playful and conceptual, approached through a variety of media and techniques, always encouraging personal experimentation across (and beyond) book design, publishing, illustration, photography, film, installation, software and writing.

The teaching is structured mainly by individual assignments (next to workshops, collective projects, trips, presentations and seminars), aiming toward the creation of a more independent and autonomous work. The team of lecturers have all their specific design and artistic practice, providing the perfect sounding board for students to develop their own design language and professional profile in dialogue with a contemporary context.