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Student mobility


As a student at the Royal Academy of Fine Arts, you have several opportunities to gain an international experience. For example, you can study abroad through an Erasmus+ experience, do an internship in another country, participate in a foreign project or follow an English-language course.

Practical information


Students who are interested in an international exchange, have to do the following:

  • submit a request for exchange via the application form
  • wait for your official nomination
  • apply at your selected universities (pay attention to deadlines!)
  • communicate your acceptance to Dieter De Wilde (
  • complete your registration in Mobility Online (see manual)
  • request a grant.

For an overview of all available grants, you can so to the AP website and find the formula that fits for you!

Interested in pursuing a degree in the USA? You can contact the EducationUSA Advising Center at or via their website to ask questions or set up a virtual advising appointment.

Contact Evie Gryson ( for questions or concerns.

Find below the roadmap for an outgoing experience abroad:

>>> FLOW CHART <<<

The presentation of the GO APBroad info session from Thursday 26 October can be found here:



Internationalisation at home is a concept that has become increasingly important in recent years. It was created to give students who do not go abroad during their studies an international experience. The meaning becomes evident right away, internationalisation at home means that students at the Academy come into contact with students and teachers of a different nationality and background. This can be done in the ateliers and classrooms (through guest lectures or presentations by incoming students), but also during workshops and other intercultural and international activities offered by the school.

Students who are interested in doing an exchange at the Academy, have to take the following steps:

Step 1 – Nomination from partner institution

The partner nominates their students via our online registration system Mobility Online, via this link.

You will need to mention: name / first name / gender / date of birth / e-mail / contact coordinator / semester / study field.

Step 2 – Student application

Students will receive an invitation to continue the application process and upload the required documents in Mobility Online.

You can find the full application procedure on our website.

Step 3 – Admission

The student receives a message via email about their possible admission:

  • Around 1st June for the first semester
  • Around 1st December for the second semester

Deadlines for applications

The deadlines for nominations: 

  • 15th April for Autumn semester/full year
  • 15th October for Spring semester

Students need to complete their applications:

  • before 1st May for Autumn semester/full year
  • before 1st November for Spring semester

Important: Since the number of places are limited per programme, the maximum number of places in the agreement cannot be guaranteed, and a selection will be done after the deadline.

English language skills

By nominating a student, the sending institution acknowledges their responsibility to ensure the student has the minimum recommended language level at the start of the exchange.

Level B2 (minimum) is highly recommended for all English exchange programmes. We recommend incoming students to master the English language sufficiently before the exchange to participate actively during courses. If a student's proficiency in English does not allow active participation, there is a high risk of failing assignments and examinations. This is entirely the responsibility of the sending institution.

Students can take English (or other) language lessons at their own expense in the language center of the University of Antwerp (Linguapolis). Applications and fees are to be arranged directly with Linguapolis.

Find below the brochure for incoming students:

>>> BROCHURE <<<