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Soup Sessions

The Soup Sessions at the Academy are conceived as in-house research encounters. The main idea behind this initiative is for researchers to develop new insights sustaining their personal research practice and to tap into to the research capital which they are part of and contribute to by conducting their artistic research at the Academy.

During these lunch meetings all researchers, the newcomers as well as the more experienced ones, have the chance to present their research approach to their peers. Dialogue is important is these sessions. After a few years of sessions in which one researcher presented one research project, in 2018 we switched to combined sessions. In these dialogue sessions two researchers combine their presentations during one single session. In other words, we abandoned the monologue formula and invited researchers to embrace a more experimental approach in which they show an open attitude of inquisitive listening as if interviewing each other.
In these sessions, there are “no rules” : as far as the presentation of the research content goes, researchers can do whatever they like: they can elaborate on the scope of their research, their methods or process, (preliminary) conclusions or results, document by adding visuals, talk about the problems or obstacles they encounter, about doubts and progress.