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Fine Arts - Printmaking and Drawing

In these times of digital dominance in a rapidly changing world, many artists return to the slowness of the creative (re)production process and drawing. Unlike purely digital media, printmaking adds a challenging material component. Printmaking and Drawing explores and connects both worlds.

On the one hand there are the traditional techniques such as block printing, intaglio, lithography and screen printing, on the other hand there are new developments in digital and 3D printing. With a view to both traditional and new printing methods, Printmaking and Drawing offers an innovative and versatile programme.

Unlike many other art media, analogue and digital printing expands the possibility of spreading ideas and images through prints, multiples, artist’s books, mail-art and so on. Printmaking and Drawing is a pre-eminently communicative art form, offering many options, from luxurious, hand-bound artist's books to cheap Xeroxzines. The specific properties of print and graphic art stimulate a personal imagery, not easily found in other forms of art.

In the Printmaking and Drawing programme the studio is the central place for exchange and collaboration. A team of lecturers, all of them experts in the field of print media, accompanies the student in his or her development towards a personal artistic practice. Drawing runs like a thread throughout the programme; the sketchbook is its engine. Drawings can crystalize themselves as notes, sketches, studies, or even as autonomous works of art. Just like Printmaking and Drawing, it constantly questions its position in art and in the world. Therefore we pay much attention to the collective dimensions of printmaking. Theoretical frameworks include research methodology, art history, art theory and specific subjects.

Through contact with professionals from various artistic disciplines and by expert guidance, students develop their own visual language. As an academic master in Printmaking, the student profiles him/herself as an autonomous visual artist or starts collaborations on printing, publishing and related activities.