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About research

The Royal Conservatoire Antwerp and the Royal Academy of Fine Arts Antwerp develop their research policy in close collaboration. 

We define research in the arts as knowledge-generating artistic research, which can be tested in a dialogue with peers. The essence of the research is artistic. On the one hand, the research questions come about through an explicit definition of the research dimension that is already present in the practice of an artist (and in art schools), on the other hand the research process also influences that artistic praxis itself and the output takes at least partly an artistic form. The relationship between research and artistic practice is monitored by the research council. In addition, it is responsible for designing research groups within which the research can take place.

Research in the arts must lead to a broadening of knowledge. The artistic practice is never separate from a search for the materials, trajectories and knowledge specific to the artistic discipline. This quest becomes research when artists critically explore these materials, processes and knowledge and question them consciously. Artistic research seeks to unlock implicit knowledge and to make connections between that implicit knowledge and explicit artistic practice. The artistic experiential approach is confronted by research with the necessity to articulate, situate, explicate and contextualise these connections. In this way, a reflexive component is linked to artistic praxis.

We want to explore new ways with artistic research. In addition to research in the arts, there is as much scope for research for the arts (in the form of collaborations between artists and other researchers) and research on the arts (which can be carried out by both academic and artistic researchers). When the research is in, with, and about the arts, fascinating cross-pollinations often arise.

The aim of integrating artistic practice and research is present in the training program: from bachelor to master, from student to lecturer. The interaction between education, research, social services and the development and practice of the arts is seen as an important tool for developing expertise and constantly innovating both education and research.

The research activities can be found in the Calendar, and you can also follow the research at the Schools of Arts via the Art & Research Facebook page. You can also register for the Art & Research newsletter via the 'contact' pages of the Conservatoire and Academy.