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Research groups

Research in the arts is a concept that covers many things. The various possibilities and approaches are as diverse as the field of the arts itself, and within the great variety of disciplines we see a multitude of research themes and questions arising in every branch of the arts. This is why the School of Arts has chosen to focus on eight well-defined fields of expertise, each with its own research group. The research groups have an interdisciplinary composition and organise permanent development of expertise and innovation within a defined thematic framework.

The four research groups of the Royal Conservatoire of Antwerp are: LABO XIX-XX, Performance Practice in Perspective, CORPoREAL and Creation. There are also four domains at the Royal Academy: ArchiVolt, Thinking Tools, Body and Material Reinvented and MAXlab. Both LABO XIX-XX and ArchiVolt work on archiving, CORPOREAL and Body and Material Reinvented on materiality and bodily practices. Performance Practice in Perspective starts from the source, in this case text or score, just as Thinking Tools starts from observation. MAXlab is the research platform that experiments with digital media. Creation focuses on creation processes and research into (co)creation in music and the performing arts.

Research groups are accredited for a period of three years, after which a new application file can be submitted to extend the period. At the end of 2020, the three-year acknowledgment period of the current research groups expires, and they submit an application for an extension of the accreditation for the period 2021 - 2023. The Research Council will process the applications and formulate an advice to the Councils of the Schools of Arts.