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The research platform Maxlab focusses on the interaction between digital technologies, art, and society with a twofold objective.

On the one hand, we deal with the artist’s expanding digital toolkit through our research projects, workshops, and educational programs. With an emphasis on experimentation, we envision the digital through artistic methodologies, thereby catalyzing innovation in art practices.

On the other hand, we acknowledge the rapidly evolving landscape of digital technologies. Through our research projects, lectures, performances, publications and exhibitions, we commit to a nuanced discourse on technology’s omnipresence and its societal impact.

Maxlab aims to cultivate a comprehensive artistic ecosystem by creating environments where digital technologies are manipulated and their profound implications for both the arts and society can be critically examined. 
We provide space for both individual artists and collectives, nurturing the emergence of inter- and transdisciplinary collaborations within a broad (inter)national network. Furthermore, we advocate for the essential integration of digital literacy within the artistic curriculum of the Royal Academy, as well as within broader art education initiatives. *

*This text was written by artists with the assistance of a Large Language Model, a shared online word processor, a spell checker and several other technologies.

Focus: the interaction between digital technologies, art, and society

Team: Janna Beck (co-chairwoman), Kristof Timmerman (co-chairman), Charo Calvo, Giusy Caruso, Annelise Cerchedean, Jeroen Cluckers, Kristi Fekete, Shayli Harrison, Peter Lemmens, Philip Meersman, Kris Meeusen, Matthias Mu, Bhavna Pather, Gina Poortman, Michael Segers, Lowie Spriet, Wouter Steel, Boris Van den Eynde, Giulia Vismara

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(Photo by Olga Wroniewicz / Urban Travel Machines)