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definitive master Drama & Education
Educatieve opleidingen

If you meet the diploma and language requirements and registered online you fulfilled the first two steps in our enrolment procedure. You still need to take the following steps.

STEP 3. Confirm your arrival

  • Documents

    You need to send a copy of the following documents to or bring them as soon as possible to the student office.

    • ID card (or passport for foreign students);
    • D-visum (for visa-obliged foreign students);
    • APS certificate (for Chinese students);
    • copy of the diploma needed to enrol (see admission requirements). If the original is in a language other than English, French, German or Dutch, it must be accompanied by a legalized translation. Transcripts must include a complete description of the institutional grading system or other standards of evaluation with maximum grades and minimum marks indicated.
    • document which grants you access to a university or university college (only if it isn't obvious in your diploma)


STEP 4. Determine the content of your study programme

  • Individual programme and exemptions Teaching Artist programmes

    An individual programme is a programme that is different from the standard programme of 60 credits and that is composed each academic year.
    Transfer of credits can be obtained by proving that you obtained a credit in a previous study that corresponds with the content of a specific course in your new field of study. 

    You need to deliver a proof of your study results:

    • Scan or copy of the diplomas or attestations and credits you obtained
    • A short offical description of the content and goals of the course

    More information can be found on the Dutch pages of our website.


STEP 5. Confirm your study programme

  • Study contract
    After you have completed your study programme in iBaMaFlex and after this has been approved, your study contract will be made available via the e-mail box in iBaMaFlex. You must confirm the study contract there. New students also have to sign it digitally in iBaMaFlex..


STEP 6. Pay your tuition fee

  • Tuition fees and course related fees

    You can find the Regulations tuition fees, study costs and various expenses on the general regulations page of the AP website. In the Excel file underneath you can easily calculate the total amount you need to pay.

    In September or October you’ll receive an invoice for the tuition fee and course related fees based on your signed study contract. The invoice will be sent to your AP-mail.

    Tuition fees 2021-2022

    Students who are nationals of a member state of the European Economic Area (Belgium, Bulgaria, Croatia, Cyprus, Denmark, Germany, Estonia, Finland, France, Greece, Hungary, Ireland, Italy, Iceland, Latvia, Liechtenstein, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Malta, the Netherlands, Norway, Austria, Poland, Portugal, Slovakia, Slovenia, Romania, Spain, Czech Republic, Sweden) for a diploma or credit contract: tuition fee fixed part: 247,90 euro  + 11,90 euro / ECTS + 60 euro course related fee.

    Students who are nationals of other countries: tuition fee fixed part: 779,30 euro + 106,40 euro / ECTS + 60 euro course related fee.

    The tuition fee for foreign students does not apply for nationals of those other countries in certain specific circumstances as described in the regulations. Swiss nationals are part of the European Free Trade Association and can obtain an E card and pay the same tuition fees as EEA citizens. Students with British nationality enrolled in 2020-21 will continue to be subject to the normal tuition fee for the completion of the started study.

    A student from inside the EER enrolling for 60 ECTS within a diploma contract pays 1.021, 90 euro tuition fee.
    A student from outside the EER enrolling for 60 ECTS within a diploma contract pays 7223,30 euro tuition fee.

    Course related fees 2021-2022

    All Bachelor and Master students who register for 27 ECTS or more, pay 60 euro. Students with less than 27 ECTS pay 30 euro.

    Extra costs are also charged for attending performances and concerts. Because of the uncertainty whether certain performances will take place, these extra costs will be invoiced separately in May 2022 on the basis of actual expenses.

    • Students who register for the course History of music 1 and 2, History of music (jazz) 1 and 2, Art criticism and Art criticism (Media, writing and performance art) pay a maximum of 40 euro extra;
    • Students who register for the Bachelor in Dance pay a maximum of 64 euro extra.


STEP 7. You are enrolled

  • Student card en certificates

    If you have completed all the steps, you can pick up your student card at the student administration office. You can also request a registration certificate.

Additional information

  • Financial support

    For general information about international scholarships, please check and

    In order to receive a scholarship from the Flemish Community, you must fulfill multiple conditions. If you are temporarily staying in Belgium because of your studies, national conditions will be an obstacle and you might not be eligible to request this scholarship. If you do not meet the requirements, you will have to fund your studies yourself and (if possible) apply for financial assistance and/or study aid in your home country. For more information about the scholarship of the Flemish Community, please check

    Students from outside the European Economic Area are not eligible for financial aid from the AP University College. It is not possible to pay the tuition fee in instalments.

    A student must have sufficient means of subsistence to cover all study, living and healthcare costs, including potential repatriation costs. The minimum amount is fixed and indexed every year by the government. It is currently 666 euro net/month (academic year 2019/2020). This amount is very limited. Besides the tuition fee and cost for flights and visa, students need in general approximately 9.000 euro per year:

    • Student room (rent, electricity, water and internet): +/- 450 euro/month
    • Meals: +/- 10 euro/day or +/- 300 euro/month
    • Mobility: bus/tram/metro : buzzy Pazz De Lijn +/- 212 euro/year; bicycle: Velo +/- 49 euro/year.