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Academy Open Air — Historie Heesters & Meesters

During the upcoming Erfgoedweekend on 24 and 25 April, the Academy garden will be reactivated as a new exhibition space: Academy Open Air. Curators Vaast Colson and Leon Vranken chose the most inspired proposals from students for the exhibition 'Historie, Heesters & Meesters'.

The Academy's historic garden is a compact oasis in the inner city. Wanderers and tourists sometimes stroll in, while students and teachers rush
through on their way to a studio or a classroom. Initially the Academy Garden was designed in 1841 as an open air museum for the city of Antwerp (a true forerunner of the Middelheimmuseum) to be redeveloped in 1905 to a design by architect Emiel Van Averbeke. Since 1974 the garden has been protected as a landscape.

Curators Vaast Colson and Leon Vranken, both visual artists and lecturers at the Academy, invited students to submit a proposal for a work that dares to enter into a dialogue with this special environment. They chose the most inspired proposals for Historie, Heesters & Meesters.

Sigurros Björnsdottir   –   Master Sculpture
Niel De Vries   –   1Ba In Situ³
Frederique Kraus   –   2Ba In Situ³
Feng Li   –   Master In Situ³
Paul Müller   –   3Ba In Situ³
Oona Oikkonen   –   3Ba Photography
Denys Shantar   –   Master Costume Design

This Erfgoedweekend is the kick-off for a series of exhibitions in the Academy Garden, with the aim of revitalizing this open-air exhibition space and creating new challenges.

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> Erfgoedweekend: 24-25.04.2021
> opening hours: 14:00-22:00
> address: Mutsaardstraat 31, 2000 Antwerp

> The exhibition can be visited during the regular opening hours of the Academy until the Antwerp Art Weekend of 13-16.05.2021