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Art & Research days

16-28 October 2022 (7th edition)

Royal Academy of Fine Arts
and Royal Conservatoire Antwerp

→ first week at the Conservatoire (16 until 21 October)
→ second week at the Academy (24 until 28 October)

More information will follow soon
→ Stay tuned! 
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During the annual research festival ARTICULATE, the Royal Conservatoire and the Royal Academy of Fine Arts Antwerp open up their artistic research to students and an external audience. 

Thanks to a collaboration with BOEM (Belgian Encounter of Electroacoustic Music), this year’s programme at the Conservatoire includes concerts, performances, lectures and an 'algorave' in which electroacoustic music, sound art and movement come together. Additionally, the artist-researchers activate the students during workshops and artistic presentations.

At the Academy, the master students follow during an intensive week one of the six experimental, reflective, and thematic research classes supervised by researchers. In addition to a festive evening on the potentialities of visual material for sound performances, there will also be organized a next session in the inspiring debate series on the future of art academies. 

in collaboration with ARIA (Antwerp Research Institute for the Arts, UAntwerp)
supported by DESINGEL