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On Thursday 27 May, 19.30h, we will present the report MAKING MUTSAARD and reflect on the process and the perspectives that have emerged from it.

MAKING MUTSAARD is the result of a participatory process by UAntwerp and AP Hogeschool to shape the transformation and further development of the Mutsaard campus. Lecturers, students, alumni, local residents and administrators entered into a dialogue with the designers of Omgeving and Plusoffice to translate the vision into concrete projects and an investment programme for the next 20 years.

At the same time, this evening will mark the start of a series of moments of action and reflection that, from September 2021 onwards, will focus on the art and design campus, its inhabitants and its urban context.
Under the title CREATING THE CAMPUS, students, teachers, researchers and other interested parties will meet monthly in Stadsform, located at Stadswaag 6, to shape the art campus of the Royal Academy of Fine Arts Antwerp (AP University College) and the Faculty of Design Sciences (University of Antwerp) and its surroundings, through presentations, discussions and artistic actions. This will create a hub for deeper and closer collaborations between the two institutions and between the institutions and the city of Antwerp.

PROGRAMME Thursday 27 May

  • Intro and welcome by Stadsform
  • Presentation Making Mutsaard study by Ward Verbakel of plusoffice architects
  • Q&A
  • Presentation concept publication by graphic designer Stephanie Specht
  • Roundtable discussion on-site 'Art and design education on the campus after corona', with Prof. Maschelein, Johan Pas, Inge Bertels
  • Announcement Creating the Campus do-tank call

Live stream via

Contact person for the Royal Academy: Nico Dockx (Expanding Academy),
Contact person for Design Sciences: Johan De Walsche (Architecture),

(Image: Tensegrity & inter-connectedness / M. Venzon - J.Shallcross-Platt - L.Petrone)