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Gravity & other attractions

Gravity, an inclusive performance by Un-Label, brings two performers on stage. 

Two people, of whom one can't see and the other can't hear, apparently can't dialogue with each other. Their meeting takes place on the subway. In a moment of touch, they discover a mutual attraction and a symbiosis of non obvious communicative paths emerges. From this Gravity flows.

Gravity is a dance performance of 1 hour, in which the script originates from audio-description for the blind. Un-Label surprisingly reverses the creation process and questions inclusive communication. Sign language and Visual Vernacular will also be incorporated in the choreography.


The interdisciplinary, mixed-abled performing arts collective Un-Label stands for artistic innovation and diversity. It unites artists from all over Europe. Their performances with artists with and without restrictions set new standards within the performing arts.


Concept, Dramaturgy & Direction: Costas Lamproulis (GR) – Script*: Max Greyson (BE) – Choreography, Dance & Performance: Sarah `Sarena´ Bockers & Dodzi Dougban (DE) – Music & Sound Composition: Filippos Zoukas (GR) – Visuals: Tim Stadie (DE) – Costume & Stage Design: Sarah Haas (DE) – Light Design: Christian Herbert – Outside Eye Choreographers: Despina Bounitsi (GR) & Wagner Moreira (DE) – Music (Flute): Ine Vanoeveren (BE) – Sign Language Interpreter: Stella Papantonatos & Konstanze Bustian (DE) (Skarabee) – International Sign Language Advisor: Rafael Grombelka (DE) – Visual Vernacular Advisor: Eyk Kauly (DE) – Advisors for the Visually Impaired Audience: Franziska Wilke & Andrea Eberl (DE) – Creative Producer: Lisette Reuter (DE)

*The script was written by Max Greyson as part of an artistic research project at the Royal Conservatoire of Antwerp on developing artistically integrated audio description.