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Living in Colour

The exhibition Living in Colour. The interface between the visual arts and interior architecture creates fourteen meetings between the visual arts and interior architecture in Antwerp. After the Second World War, the architectural disciplines, including interior architecture, tore away from the Academy. Yet there are many similarities between both disciplines, such as rhythm, light, materiality and colour. Colour is an important characteristic that connects both disciplines. That is why this exhibition examines the ways in which colour was used in both disciplines. Because living and living culture was central to post-war discourses on interior design, as interior architecture was called at the time, we focus primarily on domestic interiors and interior objects that were designed by interior design teachers in Antwerp, as well as product development. Work by Jul De Roover, Julien Van Vlasselaer, Renaat Braem, Walter Leblanc, Leon Steynen, Bataille & Ibens, Jef Verheyen, Pieter De Bruyne and others. Work by Willy van der Meeren, who founded the product development course at the time, will also be shown. This exhibition will present original, iconographic material and objects from various archives, museums and private collections.

Opening 05/12 at 20:00
Nocturne: 12/12 open until 21:00
Open during the weekend of December 14 & 15: 10:00 - 18:00
Finissage: 19/12 18u30-21.00

Attention >>> entrance at Blindestraat!

In addition to the exhibition in De Lange Zaal of the Academy, there is also "Living in Color - Color and Paint in the Modern Interior and Related Restoration Practices", an international conference and workshops (3-6 December 2019) in the UA. If you want to attend this conference you must register via this website.