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Master Dance Project

For the Master Dance Projects, we introduce you to the second group of students to present their final research.

Throughout a 2-year trajectory, all processes carried out in the Master has been documented, contextualized and critically reflected upon in a written component, that dialogues with their performative event and will be discussed in a final presentation with a jury.

Natural bodies           inhabiting spaces
Myrthe Bokelmann

Within this research Myrthe has been looking into the ways in which we humans relate to the non-human things around us, especially those that have, in one way or another, moved through us in order to transform their shape. The little series of duets that came out of this process is a collaboration between Harrel, Slinky, het kattenkopje, the fan, Mollie, and themself, and is an attempt to find connection with each other through dancing and singing together. It aims to create a space that is based on mutual listening and care, and allows all the participants to express themselves as contributing performers.

All of this is not tradition
Rocio Barriga Lopez

This research, conducted by Rocio, was motivated by the need to travel back in time, to go back to her roots. Not to find answers, but to start asking questions. She was interested in knowing about her own genealogy and especially wanted to know about the women who created her history. The military tradition of her ancestors has generated many contradictions in her body, but has allowed her to find documentation that contained information about historical moments, dates, places and people. Along the way, one of the greatest frustrations Rocio have encountered was that the women did not appear in the history, they were not represented and therefore it was as if they had not existed. Through this research, she intends to give visibility to
 those women a body, place and time.

Ehren Verrelst

IF YOU DON'T SWEAT is a research project that investigates collectivity through a jumping practice. In this research encounter and collectivity are central, as opposed to the individuality and competition we are often confronted with in the dance field. The mode of non-stop production of movement, the complexity of the choreography and the stamina it requires, makes it necessary to rely and depend on the collective memory and encouragement of the group. The very rigid choreography thus makes way for connection. IF YOU DON'T SWEAT is a point of encounter. A meeting between the dancers involved, between the audience and between both of them.