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From Thursday 24 to Sunday 27 June, the Antwerp Academy welcomes you to 4 different locations, where you can discover the graduation works of our new batch of artists. 

The master's year is a radical and intense period for every student and determines the start of their early artistic career. Despite the many covid measures, the Academy was able to ensure that the studios remained open as much as possible, including many weekends. All the graduation works will be on display in the exhibition, in the presence of the 84 masters from our nine departments. Come and see the first steps of a new generation of visual artists and designers!

The 84 graduation projects have been collected in postcard format in a beautifully designed box. It will be available for 25 euros at each of the locations and in the Academy library.

Preview of the graduation works →

opening → 24/6 > 20:00―0:00
on view → 25―27/6 > 11:00―18:00
E N C O R E ! → Masters Expo 2021, selection by Spank Moons  Huidevettersstraat 39 → 1―11/7 > 10:00―18:00

(1) Mutsaardstraat 31, 2000 Antwerp
→ Sculpture, Painting, Graphic Design, In Situ³, Printmaking, Jewellery Design, Costume Design
(2) Dambruggestraat 342 + 356, 2060 Antwerp
→ Photography, In Situ³
(3) Huidevettersstraat 39, 2000 Antwerp
→ Fashion
(4) Grote Koraalberg 17, 2000 Antwerp
→ Jewellery Design

→ SCULPTURE → location (1) 
→ Arthur Van de Velde, Bernadette Zdrazil, Emily Kelly, Finn Theuws, Ine Kools, Justine Grillet, Lucia Mrakovčić, Sigurrós Guðbjörg Björnsdóttir

→ PHOTOGRAPHY → location (2)
→ Anne Decot, Assaf Hinden, Azuli Peeters, Emilia Brys, Johanna Adojaan, Lina Van Hulle, Matej Jurčević, Michel Vertongen, Michelle Piter, Thor Vermin, Yi Ren 

→ GRAPHIC DESIGN → location (1)
→ Adriaan Standaert, Anna Potsiluyko, Carolina Festa, Charly Bönner, Chloé Coppens, Ellen Bresseleers, Haocheng  Zhang, Hussein Shikha, Jennifer Bogaert, Julie Mulleners, June Osselaer, Laura Pelgrims, Lisa Reckeweg, Lore Donckers, Myrthe Bouwens, Orry Heirbaut, Romi Buggenhout 

→ IN SITU³ → locations (1) + (2)
→ Emma Johnson, Feng Li, Jeannette Slütter, Miguel Garchitorena, Yi Zhang

→ JEWELLERY DESIGN → locations (1) + (4)
→ Cunshuo Ma, Liuhong Li, Luca Sági, Nina Faivre, Valeriia Naumova
→ * expo at location (4) opens on 22/6 at 19:00

→ COSTUME DESIGN → location (1)
→ Denys Shantar, Giulia Cauti, Job Gijsbrechts, Julie Illegems, Kié Einzelgänger, Smila Zinecker 

→ FASHION → location (3)
→ Angelika Öllinger, Ania Yelizar, Béla Juttner, Ezio Costa, Giorgia Galfré, Huize You, Ingmar Patton Plusczyk, Jasmin Bandomer, Julie Kegels, Kaya Gayoung Lee, Luca Holzinger, Marc Pengel, Minjae Chang, Mohammed El Marnissi, Nadav Perlman, Nicolas Marchiaro, Priss Niinikoski, Vincent Thürstein, Yentsé Yanze JIN, Zexian Liu

→ PAINTING → location (1)
→ Anouk Van Offenwert, Marianne Borremans, Marie-Sophie Beinke, Moataz Alqaissy, Ruben De Smet, Santiago Evans Canales, Satchell Rosevink, Witold Vandenbroeck 

→ PRINTMAKING → location (1)
→ Andreea Cojocaru, Jessica Michiels, John Selien, Yixi Zhong

→ Educational Master in Visual Arts → location (1)
→ Amy Petitto, Annabel Goris, Annelies Rasker, Britt Guns, Caroline Van den Eynden , Eli Verkeyn, Gert-jan Van Goethem, Gwendolyn De Vocht, Kelsey Penneman, Laetitia Geerts, Lien De Clercq, Lies Vandevorst, Sara Thewissen

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