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Rediscovering Scelsi

Drifting away from western traditions, Italian composer Giacinto Scelsi devised his unique creative routine, founded in zen meditation, yoga and trance. Scelsi’s music is inspired by his connection with superior entities, that are responsible for the creation of his works: “I am only an intermediary, the things arrive when needed, at the moment where it is necessary that they are heard or not”.
Scelsi’s rediscovered Divertimento  N. 1 for violin and piano will be heard for the first time tonight, in a programme conceived to arch over the whole creative activity of Scelsi, including his last works for violin (L’âme ailée / L’ âme ouverte) and one if his rare attempts to experiment with electronic elaboration (Aitsi), as well as the celebrated Quatre illustrations sur la Métamorphose de Vishnu for solo piano. The program will be completed by Raga III by Wim Henderickx, inspired by indian musical elements, and by Daniela Fantechi’s Prossimo, a work for violin and contact microphones, exploring the concept of proximity and perception of microscopic sounds, leading to an intimate way of listening.

The concert will be the final part of an ARIA seminar dedicated to Giacinto Scelsi, taking place at Muziekstudio DeSingel from 14h00 on the same day (free and open to the public).

Concert programme

Wim Henderickx    
Raga III (1995/2017) 
for viola d’amore and tape

Giacinto Scelsi    
Quatre illustrations sur la Métamorphose de Vishnu (1953)
for solo piano 

Giacinto Scelsi    
L’âme ailée / L’ âme ouverte (1973)
for solo violin 

Daniela Fantechi    
for violin and live electronics - National Premiere 

Giacinto Scelsi    
for amplified piano

Giacinto Scelsi    
Divertimento N. 1 
for violin and piano - World Premiere


Anna D’Errico  

Marco Fusi        
violin / viola d’amore

Daniela Fantechi  
live electronics 


Thursday 17.01.2019
Muziekstudio deSingel

Free entrance