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While I'm still young

Spring is definitely here when the Jazz and Writing&Perfomance departments of the Antwerp Royal Conservatoire tune into each other for When I’m still young, a one-of-a-kind collaboration you do not want to miss. Acclaimed guitar player Jakob Bro (DK) will leaf through his book of compositions and invite ten young musicians to explore and reinterpret. Simultaneously, actor Jurgen Delnaet will guide a gang of five rising performers in presenting a highly personal selection of contemporary Danish poetry. Together, these fine artists will paint a new landscape, grand and meticulously multi-layered.

Conceived & performed by Lennert Baerts (tenor&soprano saxophone), Andreas Bral (piano), Jakob Bro (composition&guitar), Roeland Celis (guitar), Luna Cozijn (spoken word), Hanne de Backer (baritone saxophone), Jurgen Delnaet (text-selector&coach), Hans Depelchin (spoken word), Gert-Jan Dreessen (drums), Carlijne Hertog (spoken word), Soet Kempeneer (double bass), Cyrille Obermüller (double bass), Yelena Schmitz (spoken word), Ruben van Cauwenberghe (harmonica), Caspar Vanderschoot (spoken word), Jarno Verheyen (stage piano, laptop) and Anke Verslype (drums)


21/03/2019: Werkplaats Walter,  Rue Van Lint 43, 1070 Anderlecht (tickets)

22/03/2019: Leuven Jazz Festival (tickets)

23/03/2019: Blauwe Zaal, deSingel, Desguinlei 25, 2018 Antwerpen (tickets)