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Mission and vision

Vision and profiling of the different programmes

The Drama department chooses to offer the three separate programmes from the first year on. We do this in order to work with the specificity of the artistic disciplines as much as possible, and to make an in-depth knowledge possible. At the same time, there are many common courses and interdisciplinary projects that ensure widening, broadening and dialogue.


In the acting specialisation, the focus is on shaping and developing students into actors who are employable in a diverse range of spoken-word theatres (small and major theatres, performances on location, theatres for young and for old, from repertoire to experimental theatre, from conceptual theatre to collaborative works, from solo to ensemble works).

Music creation and performance art

The Music creation and performance art specialisation shapes and develops students into autonomous performing artists who are able to create and realise music and theatre and all combinations of the two. The starting point is always the unique personality and specific creative and technical skills of the individual student, and these are developed and broadened in the various disciplines during the teaching of this specialisation. 

Media, writing and performance art

The study programme for the Media, writing and performance art specialisation is based on three cornerstones or principal disciplines which are part of the course for every student: Stage, Writing, and Media. This specialisation uses as its starting point the acquisition of basic knowledge, skills and reflection for each principal subject individually, and it evolves during the course of the bachelor’s programme to become a specialisation with a more integrated approach.