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Mission and vision

The dividing line between art and society is blurring. More and more, artists work at the intersection of artistic and social-artistic practice (community art or artistic projects with diverse target audiences). In the pedagogical context, we also see that alongside traditional (part-time) arts education, the offering of education projects in the arts is growing. Artists with pedagogical-teaching competencies are increasingly being asked either independently or by social-cultural organisations to go beyond the bounds of regular arts teaching. 

We believe that this dual focus enriches the expertise of teachers involved in arts education and that space must be allowed for the choosing of a focus. The Educational master in Music & Performing Arts focuses on both deepening and broadening the knowledge acquired in the compulsory courses. During professional placements, students are challenged to map out an individual teaching path for themselves which is in harmony with their personal ambitions. For every student, the balance will be different, and it is hoped that students will be motivated to take a look over the walls and to choose their focus based on their own individual strengths.