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R.E.A.Ch. one

R.E.A.Ch. one
Dance performance
by Klaas Devos

‘R.E.A.Ch. one’ is the first public sharing of a series of studio experiments from Klaas Devos’ practice-based PhD. research named 'Thinking Bodies in Dance. A somatic R.E.A.Ch. (research in electronic and algorithmic choreography)’. 

The experiments are an inquiry of dancing as reflecting or cognizing together, tested through different media. The premise of Devos’ research is that somatic dance practices – dance practices that focus on the experience of sensations in our body – are limited by our concept of the human body as strict organic instrument. Through collaborative artistic research, he aims to proof that technology and somatic practices can mutually enhance each other in order to develop new insights and techniques for somatic dance improvisation and choreography. The explorations thus extend somatic-informed dancing towards an interdisciplinary artistic researching by integrating live-electronics and AI in its performance.

‘R.E.A.Ch.’ is initiated by Klaas Devos and developed in collaboration and dialogue with Quentin Meurisse, Justine Debaene, Wannes Labath, and Maarten Buyl.