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Individual programme and exemptions Music Jazz

  • Individual programme and exemptions Music Jazz

    An individual path is any study path that deviates from the conventional model path of 60 credits and is determined in a contract every academic year. You can obtain an exemption by proving that you obtained a credit in a previous study within higher education that corresponds with the content of a specific course in your new study programme.

    Collect the necessary evidence:

    • Scan or copy the obtained diplomas and credit certificates + the detailed overview of previously obtained credits and courses on the basis of the diploma supplement or transcript of records
    • A brief official description of the content and objectives of the course for which the student wishes to obtain an exemption, based on official study information from the previous university college or university.

    If you only want to apply for a few exemptions and you collected all evidence as described above. You can directly upload them in the exemption module (VA module) in iBaMaFlex. A manual for this can be found below. 

    If you wish to apply for many exemptions, select the programme comparison that applies to you below and fill it in, collect all the data, prepare yourself well and make an appointment with your study path coach Els Smedts, els.smedts@ap.be. You can also ask questions about the content here.

    If you need technical assistance with your preparations and online registration in the module, please send an e-mail to vrijstellingen.kca@ap.be

    Your application will be discussed at the admissions committee. Once your application is in order, and you completed the composition of your study programme in the SPA module in iBamaflex, your study contract will be available via iBaMaFlex (e-postbus). You will need to confirm the contract there. It is only then that you are properly enrolled in the RCA. Welcome!