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Northern Light Parade

Since 2016, the Royal Academy of Fine Arts Antwerp (specialisation in Situ), together with the Royal Conservatoire of Antwerp and the AP Hogeschool and supported by District Antwerp organises 'Noorderlicht'. An artistic event for and together with the inhabitants of the colourful district of 2060 Antwerp.

'Noorderlicht' is an artistic intervention by artists, students and local residents that brings light and atmosphere to the north of Antwerp. "If you want to make art with a neighbourhood, you'd better choose one that has something to offer. And, that's how we arrived at Antwerp North and thus 'Noorderlicht'. Noorderlicht finds its inspiration in the diversity and architecture of the neighborhood 2060. It's important that we don't take over the neighbourhood, it's rather the other way around", says Kris van 't Hof, coordinator of Noorderlicht.

Festival of diversity
Singing hairdresser Mustapha, painted manhole covers, poetry-carwash, projections on facades, ethnic costumes from the Antwerp fashion school worn by local residents, dancers and musicians, but also acrobatics and lots of lights. Organiser Kris van 't Hof: "Parade Noorderlicht is a feast of diversity. It is, as it were, a link project between students, the neighbourhood and artists. What's more, remove one link and the project collapses."

Various associations in the neighbourhood are helping to support the project.  "With this parade, the diversity in the arts is placed next to the social diversity of the neighbourhood and they interact with each other," adds Pascale De Groote, general director of AP Hogeschool. "Artists get a lot done here because they know how to handle diversity."


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