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Adelheid Ceulemans

Adelheid Ceulemans (°1986) obtained her PhD in literature at the University of Antwerp in May 2013, with a thesis on the 19th century poet Theodoor van Ryswyck. She has published several articles on 19th century poetry (including on Conscience, Gezelle, Rodenbach, Van Ryswyck) and on the relationship between literature and music in 19th century Flanders (including opera and music theater).

In 2010 she published the book Verklankt verleden, Vlaamse muziektheaterwerken uit de negentiende eeuw (1830-1914) (University Press Antwerp). This book was awarded in October 2012 with the Leon Elaut Prize from the Royal Academy for Dutch Language and Literature. Adelheid Ceulemans was editor-in-chief of the magazine FORUM + for Research and Arts and member of the editorial board of Wetenschappelijke tijdingen. Currently she is a researcher and assistant research coordinator at the Royal Conservatoire of Antwerp, where she is part of the research group Labo XIX&XX.