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Adilia Yip

Dr. Adilia Yip is a post-doctoral researcher and marimba/percussion performer. She is the main investigator for the project "ReSoXy - Re-sounding the xylophone collection of Royal Museum for Central Africa, Tervuren", jointly funded by Science Policy Office and Royal Academy Antwerp. She obtained her PhD in the Arts with the artistic research project "Inventing New Marimba Performance from the African Balafon Music Practice" (2012-2018, UA/Royal Conservatoire Antwerp), and obtained her Master in African Studies (2020-2021, Ugent).

As an active chamber and solo musician, her passion in exploring different musical genres and cultures have led to exciting collaborations crossing the genres of classical, contemporary, world and popular music. Her artistic language continues to expand through artistic research, co-creation and intercultural collaboration. She is the co-founder of “The Bracket Percussion” for multidisciplinary and participatory percussion projects (Klinken Percussie Festival, Voice Your Diversity etc), “Duo Antwerp” for bass clarinet and marimba and the founder of the seminar series “Method/Art” (2019-23, ARIA).