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Brick de Bois

Brick is a writer of plays, singer-songwriter, theatre maker, teacher and permaculturalist. He has written new theatre texts for productions by various theatre companies. He directed theatre productions at BRONKS, Het Gevolg and Raamtheater, adapted and translated works for, among others, Het Zuidelijk Toneel(NL). For years, he worked as a sound designer for director Ivo van Hove. He acted in productions by BRONKS and Cie De Koe and was an actor/musician in a whole series of theatre productions. He is a former teacher at the Flemish Opera Studio. Brick teaches Spatial Awareness and is a mentor in the Acting department and Drama teacher in the Contemporary Dance department, both at Royal Conservatoire Antwerp .

His approach to his courses is developed from his theatre background as well as his training in Transpersonal Psychology, Neuro Linguistic Programming and Connecting with the Earth.

Function: Drama