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Frans Violet

Frans Violet debuted as a trumpet player in 1972 in the orchestra of the Royal Mint Theater in Brussels. 
In 1984 he became a teacher for brass instruments at the Music Academy of Willebroek. In addition, he was a lecturer in HaFaBra.  Since 1993 he teaches saxhorn at the Royal Conservatoire in Antwerp.
He is conductor of the Brass Band Willebroek with which he was successful at competitions at home and abroad, including World champion in 2017 at the World Music Competition in Kerkrade and several times European champion at the European Brass Band Championships. He was also conductor of many other brass bands and fanfares. Violet is a popular guest conductor at brass bands in the United Kingdom, Switzerland and Norway. The municipal council of Willebroek awarded Violet the title of honorary citizen on October 25, 2016.

Subject: Saxhorn