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Pauline Lebbe

Soprano Pauline Lebbe already explored Belgian art song during her master programme. Her thesis dealt with the interfaces between Belgian-symbolist literature and music in the period 1880-1945. Since September 2017, she joined the RCA as a researcher; and since 2020 as coordinator of the Labo XIX&XX research group. There, she further broadened her view on the endless world of mélodie in the belle époque and the first decades of the 20th century; a rich mosaic of romanticism, modernism, impressionism, expressionism, futurism and avant-garde. A project on songs by composing Flemish women was the focus of her recent research activities.

In addition, Pauline is also a performing singer. Her practice includes, besides the song repertoire, oratorio and music theatre. She is a member of several vocal ensembles and regularly participates in opera productions at La Monnaie Theatre and Midsummer Mozartiade.