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Sascha Bornkamp

Sascha Bornkamp (1994) graduated in 2017 as a Master in Drama at the Royal Conservatoire Antwerp (Kleinkunst). Since then she has worked as a creator, musician and actor in Belgium and the Netherlands. She was in Metaman (Orkater), Feelings (RITCS / KVS) and Echo (Het Paleis) among others. With Leonore Spee she started the Dutch-speaking band Teletext and toured with music performances Nobuya and For a change. With TgOdessa she made Odessa (CERA, Linguapolis) and MOE (De Dorpel). With Juicy Dune IJsselmuiden, Sascha investigated identity formation and language in the theater text +, which will be reworked as a children's performance this spring. In June 2019 audio installation Wachtgeluiden is on the programme in collaboration with women in AZC Linkeroever (DeSingel, Musica, KCA, AIS Award).