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Off Camera

The aim of the research project Off Camera is to create a publication to communicate the topics of research group Thinking Tools to a larger, international audience. As such it not only harks back to the different research activities concluded in the previous years, but also tries to define the future themes that will developed within the research group. The central concept that will be addressed in the book in the form of visual essays and interviews with leading photographers and visual artists, is the notion of ‘the photographic’. The question of ‘the photographic’ cannot be reduced to an inquiry into the essence of the photographic medium, but should be understood as an analysis of the effects the technical image has on the visual culture as a whole. Our research focuses on the decisive role the use of a technical apparatus plays in the production of a work of art. Because photography can be considered the first full-fledged system that operated automatically, without the critical intervention of an image maker, it is for us the appropriate starting point for a more general interrogation of all these artistic practices where an apparatus has maneuvered itself between artist and artwork.