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Dance Making: Exploring Through Reflective and Bodily Experiences

As a dance performer and researcher, Aline Loureiro Veiga seeks to understand how knowledge is articulated within dance making processes. By joining artistic praxis and theory, this research explores ways of reflecting within the activity of creating. This study intends to encourage the development of knowledge through the subjectivities of the body while at the same time it also wants to expose creativeness to unforeseen ways of artistic thinking practices.

This research does not aim to find ontological explanations, but to understand and describe bodily experiences as they are performed, presented and represented by the performing body. This embodied point of view suggests an active attitude towards reflective and experimental research, which builds on Merleau-Ponty ́s Ontology of the Flesh, acknowledging the body ́s enactment as a primary source of knowledge for practice-based investigation.

Drawing upon two basic phases – experimental and theoretical – the methodological approach adopted in this doctoral research recognizes both perspectives as equally significant. By elaborating investigative questions through dance making experimentations and reflecting on such questions from the perspective of the artist researcher, both phases overlap and complement each other in their development, analysis and conclusions.

Promoters: Erik Myin & Kathleen Coessens