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Fingertip or hand?

This research project connects to the masterclass Fingertip or hand: Looking, listening and feeling as guiding principles for multidisciplinary action and reflections on the paradigm of the craftsman/artist. The masterclass is an initiative of artist Nico Dockx (KAA), musician Eric Thielemans (KCA) and sociologist Gert Verschraegen (UA).

The research project starts from the question of craftsmanship and our relationship with things. Since the beginning of history, people have developed themselves by making all sorts of things: drawings, music, furniture, houses, crops, jugs, irrigation channels, space shuttles, etc. They sometimes do that alone, but usually together with others (cooperation) or for others.

The present project wants to investigate how craftsmanship is present today in the practice of visual artists, musicians, and traditional artisans. A sequence of public events is organized for this.