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Project HOLOSCULPTURE is an artistic research project for contemporary visualizations, new fields of application and innovative forms of interaction for the Holocube HC Tablet. The Holocube HC Tablet is a product in development to present holographic images with a tablet. Currently, Holocubes are mostly applied in a B to B market, where they are often used as a showcase for well known brands to display 3D visuals of their products.

With a portable set that is used in combination with a tablet, Rapid Affichage wants to explore new markets, for example artists and designers in the creative industry or even regular consumers. This collaboration of Janna Beck and MAXlab (of the Graphic Design department of the Royal Academy of Visual Arts) studies the different creative possibilities and applications for the portable Holocube.

The innovative nature of this product requires creative research of different applications and functions (decorative, informative, communicative) and of new ways of visual expression and interaction. Potential users, especially in the creative industry, will be consulted during the research.