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How to hunt with the camera

The research project How To Hunt With The Camera questions the relationship between the photographic device and that which is being viewed. What happens when the same subject is photographed with different devices?

According to philosopher Vilém Flusser, the photographic device changes the meaning of the world. Photographer Gary Winogrand put it more pragmatically: "the world looks different when it is photographed". How different are the impressions of our world when different devices are used?

How To Hunt With The Camera focuses on 'nature photography' in the broadest sense of the word and focuses both on self-conscious images of artists who draw inspiration from nature and on applied and scientific images. In terms of equipment, Nick Geboers will try to cover as wide a spectrum as possible. Cameras are used in various applications to observe and record nature.

This research project aims to sketch the world through a 'multi-camera experience'. By bringing together a multitude of viewpoints / perspectives, different - interfering - lectures arise. Despite the technological and true nature of the medium, his approach is rather poetic. The boundaries between fact and fiction are taken in the hope of shifting visual literacy and imagination through photography.

Installation views of the exhibition AÆUÅÆØ during Antwerp Art Weekend 2018, in The Temple of The Royal Academy of Fine Arts Antwerp (25-27.05.2018).