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Joodse muziek aan het Antwerps Conservatorium: ‘entartete Kunst?’

There are many historical links between the Jewish community and the city of Antwerp. Nevertheless, hardly any research has been done towards the local history of Jewish music and culture. This project finds its starting point in the archives of the Royal Conservatoire of Antwerp. It focuses on the precarious situation in which the institute’s many Jewish students and staff members found themselves in the turbulent period between 1940 and 1945. Who were these people; what was the Jewish musical culture like at the time; what were their artistic preferences, classical or modern? Was there something specific about the Antwerp context in comparison with other places in Europe? and what happened to these Jewish musicians, students, teachers, composers, directors, and curators during World War II? The project approaches this dark and troubling history from several different angles, which include music historiography, score analysis, and artistic practice. The project builds on existing know-how and expertise from the Antwerp music scene and, in doing so, reaches out to specialists from the local Jewish community.