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Methodology dance education

Despite the ubiquity of dance, the knowledge and understanding of what is happening today in contemporary dance turns out to be very small. Contemporary, internationally renowned choreographers such as Wim Vandekeybus, Anne Teresa de Keersmaeker and Jan Fabre, on the other hand, are unprecedented. Not to mention the smaller companies or formations trying to find their way into the dance landscape. Although generally there is a great ignorance about this, Flanders is a leading plateau for the international dance scene.

One of the most decisive factors for quality is the enthusiasm and expertise of dance educators. Qualitative dance education also implies that every dance educational learning process involves different dimensions. Both 'education in the arts', the development of dance skills as well as 'education through the arts', dance education as a vehicle, personal development and social awareness must be present.

There is a need for a new methodical framework in which existing creative learning methods for dance education are (re)examined both internationally and nationally and where the know-how of the various sectors - both pedagogical and artistic expertise - are brought together. In this way, dance can get a place in the various educational and cultural systems, if not the social integration of dance is impossible.

Researchers: Dafne Maes, Annouk Van Moorsel 
Promoter: Pascale De Groote